Scottish Speech and Language Therapy Special Interest Group

The Scottish SLT SIG Acquired Brain Injury was established in 2003 in recognition of the fact that there were a number of SLT's directly involved in the care of people with ABI in Scotland but the only ABI SIG was London-based. Though the London SIG (HISIG) is an excellent body and a great resource for those working with ABI, its study days, understandably, are usually held in the south-east of England, making attendance difficult for Scottish therapists.

The Scottish ABI SIG is run by a small committee. We aim to hold one or two study days per year, usually in Edinburgh or Glasgow. Our topics are chosen from suggestions made by our members and have included days on behavioural disturbance after ABI, social communication deficits, memory deficits, and so on. Although the topics reflect the needs of a SLT audience, we always welcome non-SLTs at our study days.

We also aim to encompass the needs of those working in a range of different settings, from acute services to post-acute rehabilitation to community services. We consider both adult and paediatric brain injury populations. We always welcome new SLT members.

For more information about the SIG or future study day, please contact the Chair of the SIG, Kay Forbes Kay