Ninewells Hospital

Hospital A&E Information

Six consultants share responsibility for A & E departments in Ninewells Hospital, Dundee and Perth Royal Infirmary (PRI).

Hospital Post A&E Information

There is an 8 bed short stay unit where patients can be observed. The majority stay for less than 24 hours with exceptional stays of up to 5 days. Having the neurosurgical unit on site means that those requiring neurosurgical care are readily transferred there. Others not requiring neurosurgery but needing admission may be transferred to the acute medical admissions unit (ward 15) under the care of physicians although some with cognitive problems may be admitted to neurosurgery even if surgical intervention is not required.

Leaflets are provided to those not requiring admission. For agitated patients in short stay ward there is access to CPN's seven days per week. There are also good links with Tayside Alcohol Problems Service (TAPS).

Reviews, Plans and Strateigies

Work on the redesign of the brain injury rehabilitation service is underway in Tayside

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