Mapping Group

Group Members

  • Dr. Brian Pentland - Consultant Neurologist, NMCN Clinical Lead
  • Mr. Laurence Dunn - Consultant Neurosurgeon
  • Prof. Tom McMillan - Clinical Neuropsychologist
  • Dr. Cameron Stark - Senior Specialist in Public Health Medicine

During 2007-8 we mapped the services for traumatic brain injury patients in Scotland, initially focusing on NHS services, but including information on local authority and voluntary sector services where possible.

This was carried out through a series of semi-structured interviews with a range of people from each Health Board area. The mapping focussed on traumatic brain injury and, as there is no such thing as a typical or average case, five different patient profiles were used as a focus for discussion.

We asked each group about the detail of their part of the pathway and the interfaces between services. We also asked for their perception about the effectiveness of the pathway and ask for any relevant audit info if available.

The mapping report which was published in February 2009, contains a description of pathways in each health board area and a discussion of issues raised.

The work of this group is now concluded.