Managed Care Network

The NMCNs initial focus has been on clinical or wider healthcare issues. However, at the outset it was envisaged that it would evolve to encompass wider care issues. In February 2009, the Steering Group discussed whether the NMCN should become a Managed Care Network.

Members of the Steering Group met up to discuss the scoping exercise for the move from Clinical to Care Network. By developing the sub-group structure within the NMCN, particular areas of interest for social care can be explored and developed. This would include:

  • Supporting the NMCN to develop the service standards
  • Mapping the existing services
  • Develop pathways between the services
  • Scoping current recording systems and reporting systems with community services
  • Engagement of those who use the services

Expanding the Steering Group to accommodate members of this sub-group would have to be considered, engaging members early to show transparency and outline the clear objectives. Currently this is a scoping exercise, information gathering but with progress, it is hoped that it would move to implementation of how care is delivered.

Meeting Dates

29th June 2011- Meeting minutes
3rd October 2011 - Meeting minutes

1st February 2012 - Meeting minutes available following approval

View the Managed Care Network Group's Terms of Reference (PDF 176Kbytes)