Headway Glasgow Directory of Services

Headway Glasgow has produced a directory of services. This booklet aims to give an overview of the services that people with a brain injury might use in Glasgow. We think this kind of Directory will be useful to professionals as well as people with a brain injury and their carers.

The process for development of this was fairly long. We started off by asking people in our groups which services they had used and this helped us to see the common services that should be included. Then we approached services to get their details and consulted with our group again on an appropriate format to present this information. The booklet was available in a rapidly disappearing print version and online from the link below.

The directory covers three main areas: Inpatient services for people with brain injury in Glasgow; Community based services for people with brain injury (this cover Glasgow and some of the surrounding local authorities; and Other services which people may use.

We are keen that we maintain this by checking and updating the details on an annual basis. Headway Glasgow received some funding from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to print this directory.

Headway Glasgow: Directory of Brain Injury Services 2013