Hairmyres Hospital

Hospital A&E Information

There is no observation facility in the A & E department and patients requiring admission are taken to the surgical ward under the care of one of the six general surgeons after CT scanning. Similarly patients returning from the Southern General Hospital after neurosurgery are admitted under the care of the general surgeons. Patients discharged directly from A & E are given written information and contact details for Headway.

Older patients may be admitted to medical rather than surgical wards especially if comorbidities are present.

Hospital Post A&E Information

Tertiary Referrals

Patients referred from the three above hospitals to the CSBIRC or the SNBRS are discussed at health board level prior to transfer. This applied to some from South Lanarkshire (Rutherglen and Cambuslang) referrals to the Community Treatment Centre for Brain Injury in Glasgow, however this arrangement is no longer in place.

Reviews, Plans and Strateigies

There are no specific plans for services for people with ABI. However, both local authorities have carried scoping work on ABI. North Lanarkshire council commissioned a review of brain injury services. South Lanarkshire Council undertook a Traumatic Brain Injury Service Development Project which review current services and identified gaps.

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