Education and Training

Group Members

  • Dr Brian Pentland - Consultant Neurologist
  • Ms Ailsa McMillan - Lecturer in Nursing Studies
  • Dr Julia Clark - Clinical Neuropsychologist
  • Ms Robyn MacLeod - Occupational Therapist
  • Ms Lynda McLean - Speech & Language Therapist
  • Ms Claire MacDonald - Occupational Therapist
  • Dr Sharon Mulhern - Clinical Psychologist
  • Ms Morag Ogilvie - Senior Dietitian
  • Ms Claire O'Brien - Specialist ABI Liaison Nurse

The Education & Training subgroup has tried to determine the extent to which ABI features in undergraduate curricula at Universities and Colleges who train allied health profession students.

An interim report in December 2007 gives an overview of the findings.
Education Interim Report 2007

The main focus of attention however has been to investigate the competencies that are required by health professionals working with people with ABI. Initial work has explored the core competencies produced by NHS Education Scotland (NES) for stroke and attempts were made to adapt these for traumatic brain injury. The Stroke Core Competencies are available via the Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland

The aim is to identify the knowledge and skills required to benefit this group of patients. The group is currently working to develop a description of the knowledge and skills required by staff who care for individuals with a traumatic brain injury. A first draft was discussed at the Steering Group in May 09. The proposed competencies will be discussed further and tested before being circulated widely.