Dr Gray's Hospital

Hospital A&E Information

Two associate specialists provide alternate days cover for the A & E department. Head injured patients are given a CT scan and then managed with the advice of the neurosurgeons in Aberdeen. There is also a consultant general surgeon available for advice. Those patients admitted are usually managed in the 6 bedded short stay unit. Most cases stay overnight (e.g. 10 to 12 hours) and the maximum stay in the short stay unit is 24 hours. After this time they are transferred to a general surgery bed.

Patients returning from neurosurgery in Aberdeen are usually admitted to one of the medical wards (Ward 7) at Dr Gray's Hospital.

Reviews, Plans and Strateigies

There is a wide range of activity in Grampian related to the development of brain injury services. The report Brain Injury - a call for action 2003 by the Joint Future Brain Injury Group assessed current provision and identified gaps in services.

The Grampian Brain Injury Strategy 2004-2010 was agreed in 2005.

Joint future Brain Injury (phase 1) audit 2006 examined current working practice and explored was of improving services within current resources for Aberdeen City. NHS Grampian has formal planning arrangements for brain injury with Local authorities in Moray and Aberdeen City and arrangements are being discussed with Aberdeenshire. Proposals are also being developed for a Grampian-wide managed Care Network for brain injury.

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