Children and Young People

A group of interested professional working with children and young people met in April 2009 to discuss the issues with this group. The main issues identified with this group were:

  • Understanding the size and nature of the problem of ABI in children and young people.
  • Defining care pathways.
  • Information for families about ABI in children.

A decision was made to start with one theme, 'Information for Families'. A new section for Children and Teenagers is being developed on the ABI website. It has proved difficult for staff working in this area to find time to meet. The network assisted with facilitating meetings and linking people interested in this area. Clinicians on the sub group were asked to prepare a paper to outline any work the larger network can support.

Many of the issues surrounding children with ABI are the same as those for adult patients. Mapping services to see the extent of the problems, expanding the scope of the current ABI Standards and looking into Education for staff are the suggested starting point for work. This is being taken forward in 2010 and due to be reported on in October 2010. A further meeting was held with Dr Alex Baxter in May 2010. The outcome of this was to review the Terms of Reference, membership and a realistic prioritised work plan for a virtual sub-group for the next 2 months.