The Huntercombe Services Murdostoun, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre

The CSBIRC is a private hospital operated by the Huntercombe Group and is located at Murdostoun Castle, Bonkle, Newmains, Lanarkshire. One of the three units comprising the national brain injury rehabilitation service since 1991, it originally had 30 beds but now has 21. The majority of patients are funded by the NHS.

The centre offers multidisciplinary rehabilitation with nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech & language therapy, neuropsychology and dietician staff supplemented by rehabilitation assistants. There are sessional commitments from a consultant in rehabilitation medicine and general practice and access to psychiatry.

Approximately 60 patients are admitted annually about three quarters of whom have had a TBI. Referrals are principally from NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and NHS Lanarkshire with occasional patients from Ayrshire & Arran and NHS Western Isles.

Referrals are seen by the centre's manager or occasionally the consultant in rehabilitation medicine prior to admission. The average length of stay is about 4-5 months.

Most referrals have combined physical and psychological problems with the latter being most prominent. Thus they may have cognitive and behavioural issues. Patients are accepted with agitated behaviour but not individuals under section. In the event of a patient developing chronic challenging behaviour (scenario D) referral would be made to the Scottish Neurobehavioural Rehabilitation Service (SNBRS) via their own health board.

The centre offers a "minimally conscious programme" for those in a vegetative/minimally conscious state (scenario E) for a period of up to 9 months. Discharge of such cases is usually to a nursing home rather than return to the referring unit.

The centre sometimes encounters difficulties engaging local social work departments in discharge planning.

At the time of the visit to the unit (April 2008) the centre was initiating an outpatient service.

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