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Hospital Rehabilitation Information

Acquired Brain Injury rehabilitation is provided by a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team in a 40 bedded unit at Charles Bell Pavilion, which includes the Scottish Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service (SBIRS) which provides tertiary referral services for patients in those health board regions that do not have local access to inpatient brain injury rehabilitation. The inpatient team includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and neuropsychology.  Assessment and treatment from these disciplines is dictated by patient need. 

The unit also provides assessment of Disorders of Consciousness. Patients in a vegetative or minimally conscious state (scenario E) are admitted for periods of at least 4 weeks for assessment

Though the service is predominantly targeted at the 16-65 year age group, patients in older age groups, who have similar needs are frequently admitted. In addition to managing patients with traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury, the unit has also developed expertise in inpatient rehabilitation for patients with stroke; progressive neurological disorders; neurological cancers; non-traumatic spinal disorders and polyneuropathies.

Referrals are accepted from inpatient units or general practitioners, but the majority of referrals are from neurosurgical or trauma wards, and consultant assessment services are provided to referring ward. Within Lothian, referrals should be assessed within one week of referral. Patients from other regions are usually assessed within 2 weeks of referral.  Average length of stay is 72 days, Median length of stay is 46 days.


Referrals or enquiries should be made to the Office Manager (Neurorehabilitation Inpatients), Charles Bell Pavilion, Astley Ainslie Hospital, 133 Grange Loan, Edinburgh, EH9 2HL Tel: 0131 537 9039

Outpatient Rehabilitation Information

The Neurorehabilitation Outpatient Service is based within the Astley Ainslie Hospital (AAH). It aims to provide a specialist interdisciplinary neurorehabilitation outpatient service for patients with complex neurological needs and their families, which empowers patients to maximise their full potential within a positive, therapeutic environment.


The team consists of the following complement of staff: Out-patient co-ordinator, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, clinical neuropsychologists, outreach nurses and consultants in rehabilitation medicine. The team is based within the Astley Ainslie Hospital (AAH), a specialist rehabilitation hospital in Edinburgh.


The service aims to provide timely access to specialist, flexible, coordinated and effective interdisciplinary outpatient services for adults with neurological rehabilitation needs within Lothian.  Patients may be seen on a 1:1 basis, for joint assessment/treatment or in a group.  We promote a patient centred and goal orientated approach and provide a flexible and individualised programme of intervention related to patient need and potential.  We aim to enable patients and their carers to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to self manage their condition effectively. 


The service also provides specialist interventions in the following areas:  spasticity management, neurological splinting, functional electrical stimulation, vocational rehabilitation, cognitive assessment and rehabilitation and assessment of motor processing skills.


Patients may be seen in clinics, at home, at work or in community settings.


Referrals are accepted from any medical professional, nurse specialist, or Allied Health Professional (AHP).

Referrals to therapy services can be uni or multi professional and should be made to the Outpatient Coordinator (Neurorehabilitation Outpatient Service, The School, Astley Ainslie Hospital, 133 Grange Loan, Edinburgh, EH9 2HL)


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